Simplify Your Course Search with RDI’s New Eligibility Checker and Course Finder

RDI has become one of the most renowned online course providers and has helped numerous individuals accomplish their educational goals. The high quality and flexible nature of their online delivery has enabled individuals across the globe develop successful careers for themselves.

RDI has always aimed at providing students with full support and satisfaction. With the launch of the new eligibility checker and course finder tools they have taken another step to increase their efficiency in helping students realise and fulfil their lifetime goals.

The eligibility checker tool

When planning to take an online course, students are often surrounded by questions such as:

With the help of Clicky Media, the award winning digital marketing agency, RDI is offering visitors a simple 5-step process that takes them through these questions and helps them find their right path to university.


The Eligibility checker tool then filters the courses according to the information entered by the user and provides them with the relevant course options. The course options are also emailed so that the user can easily access them and apply instantly.

The Course finder tool

The course finder has been designed for applicants who know which subject they are interested in and which level or course type they wish to undertake. The course finder helps them navigate effectively through a wide range of courses in a particular area, varying from Business and Management, to Marketing, Finance and Law, Health and Psychology, IT and Telecommunications, etc. Users have the option to filter on area of study and course type, and all the results are presented on the screen.

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Populus Survey – Teacher’s performance must be linked with their pay

Education Secretary Michael Gove

According to a recent survey, many people in England agree with the fact that a teacher’s classroom performance must be considered while paying him salary. 62% of 1,723 people, polled by Populus, confirmed that Schools should be able to fix salaries of teachers according to their performance. This showed that people wanted that the teachers’ pay should be related to the quality of their job, said Education Secretary Michael Gove. Rick Nye, the strategy director of Populus said:

These findings show strong Rick Nye, the strategy director of Populus
public support for a move away from the automatic annual pay rises of the past towards performance-related pay in schools.


Populus-pollsIn that survey, 43% people opined that a teacher’s teaching performance determined by an annual appraisal programme should be the most important factor in deciding his/ her pay. While other 29% believed that the quality of their teaching should be judged by the children’s report cards. A small fraction of people also said that they should be paid according to the length of their service period, educational qualification of the teacher and to ensure equality with other school teachers. Almost 28% agreed with the fact that

Two teachers doing the same job in the same school, for the same length of time, should always receive the same salary packet, regardless of the outcome of their annual performance appraisal.Two teachers doing the same job in the same school, for the same length of time, should always receive the same salary packet, regardless of the outcome of their annual performance appraisal.

But the unions had a different story to tell. They said that this new change was actually about cutting teachers’ salaries and most parents wanted a national pay system to be followed by schools. In protest to the Government’s new policy of judging teachers’ pay NUT General Secretary, Christine Bloweraccording to their performance from coming September month, two teaching unions, NUT and NASUWT, planned to go on a strike in October. “Teachers have been left with no option other than to take industrial action in the face of the continuing onslaught on their pay”, said Christine Blower, general secretary of NUT.

A regional strike in October will be followed by a one-day national walkout over the issues of pay, pension and working conditions. This will again be followed by a strike in north-west England. Among NUT members, 82.5% voted for strike while 82% of NASUWT members agreed for industrious action. In the Populus poll survey, 29% supported the union’s industrious plan action while 36% were against it. Some 34% believed that teachers offered public services like police so they should be banned from striking.

Speaking at the event in central London, Education Secretary Michael Gove said that NUT and NASUWT were standing in the way of a respected profession. He also clarified that the bases of strike, these union presented, couldn’t wash the public brain and that they should call it off. He said that the decision of strike was not “harbinger of greater prestige” but showed the “defensive” image of teachers.

However, Ms. Blower, criticizing the policy, said that the government proposal was about cutting the salary of the teachers and not rewarding them for their service. She also clarified that there were already some provisions of withholding teacher’s salary for poor performance but this act, supported by majority has brought disgrace and humiliation for the teachers. She added that teachers had left with no other option but to go on a strike to enter into a meaningful negotiation with the government. Dr Mary BoustedDr Mary Bousted, general secretary of the Association of Teachers and Lecturers, accused Mr. Gove for such lewd remark and said that there was no evidence that such action could enhance teachers’ performance or have good impact on children’s education.

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College Football Players Asked to Pay Attention to Education

What do you usually associate with athletes, especially footballers? Great strength, excellent stamina, teamwork, discipline and fun. Why fun? Because their job, their career is their ability to play a game that they love. But how long can this career last? Can their physical prowess sustain them and their families throughout their life? These are some of the questions that many started thinking about when the Abuja Football College players were asked to concentrate on their academic education too.

Captain Damir Miskovic | Chairman of the Abuja Football College | Chairman of HNK Rijeka and the vice-president of the Croatia Football Association

Captain Damir Miskovic, who is the Chairman of the Abuja Football College, the chairman of HNK Rijeka and the vice-president of the Croatia Football Association, said,

I want to congratulate you on the success you have just recorded. We are also so happy with the way you conducted yourselves throughout your stay in Croatia. You are indeed worthy ambassadors of Nigeria. I however want to urge you to pay serious attention to your education. You cannot play football forever. I also played football but had to stop when I got injured. We shall help you in your educational pursuit because if you can combine football with education, you will have a better future.

The Abuja Football College team of under-seventeen players have recently won an international football tournament that was held in Croatia.

Miskovic’s words have highlighted the importance of balancing both sport and academia. Many well performing players forget or don’t prepare for the fact that their professional football career would be over by the time they are in their early thirties. An unfortunate injury, on or off the field, could make these precious few years even shorter. What would they do after this if they had no academic credits to lean back on?

Since professional athletes can have a hard time balancing regular and fixed college timings and classes, a prudent choice would be distance education. Since online classes and materials can be accessed anywhere and at any time, the players could study around their football schedule and still hold a national or global educational degree. This would ensure that they would have a variety of options open to them after their retirement from their athletic career. Through the distance mode they could study business management, law, media studies, computers, etc. After studying these subjects at the undergraduate or post graduate level, sports journalism, sports management, sports tourism, sports law, coaching, talent management, physiotherapy, etc. are just some of the few career avenues they could pursue.

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Make your Software Development company attain success with an online degree in IT

Any IT company will have a software development department and it is one of the most important ones in the organisation. Also, there are individual software developments firms as well who specifies in the various making and working of software, which are installed in the latest computers and mobile phones.
If you own a software development company yourself, or if you are interested about owning a company in the near future, there are certain things which you should keep in mind to make it a success.

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How 8 Hours in a Week can Double Up Your Earnings?

Study only 8 Hours a Week Online and Upgrade yourself Professionallydouble up

Can you guess the right word that injects a little worry into the minds of distance learners in terms of career advancement? Yes, it’s time management that really needs to be dealt in the right manner by every online learner. The blunder that the working professionals do today is enrol in full-time evening programmes that can let them balance work and studies.

So, do you think it’s really possible for each and every online learner to attend classes daily after completing work? Do you think they fully concentrate on their lessons and prepare them with pleasure? Well, it’s not so easy to confidently say ‘yes’ to these questions.

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Can Online Education mend the gap between Developed and Developing Nations?

No-DifferenceWhether it is a developed country or a developing one, the need for educating the common men is necessary everywhere. Today, every child needs to study and get educated so that they can develop themselves first to develop their countries afterwards. Education is basically their passport for a bright future and thus they have the right to get educated no matter what their economic conditions are.

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Bag a Superior Position in Managerial Position with an Extended Diploma in Strategic Management

The coordination and integration between leadership and management is indispensable for corporate growth. Besides, management and leadership skills are perfectly required by individuals to amplify their dexterous skills for better implementation to achieve the best goals and objectives. Needless to say, the essential skills can be learned through training programmes and vital courses as offered by BTEC level 7 Diploma and Extended Diploma in Strategic Management, which focuses mainly in management and leadership areas. Have a look at how the course is elucidating and enlightening for your academic and professional goals.

What is the course meant for?

Strategic Management

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The course is specifically designed to cater skills and knowledge to aspiring managers and established managers so as to help them work intricately in strategic and senior management positions in various departments for the different organisations. Since it is an extended course, it leads you directly to the final level of MBA thus easily helping in completing higher studies in management in a short period.

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Be an MBA to Sharpen your Decision-making Skills in Business

The competition to reach the zenith of success is gradually rising with the passage of time at almost every corner of the world. This is one of the reasons why undergraduates today start making early plans for choosing the right career path in right time. As per researches, it has been found that students now tend to get allured more towards gathering knowledge in business applications. Reports by the Bureau of Labour Statistics moreover say that jobs related to business administrations are almost certain to rise higher by a large percentage in the next few years. Consequently, this has resulted in the increasing demand of MBA courses among graduates as well as working professionals.

What’s the right way to proceed to enrol in an MBA course?

Traditionally, students spend huge amount of money to prepare for MBA entrance examinations, and thereafter qualify to get enrolled in full-time business schools. However, only those who bring high scores manage to enter here as candidates, and the rest keep trying year after year. So, why will you take such an uncertain route and spend so much where you might still not achieve your desired results?

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Taste the Fruits of Success with Online Degrees of UK Universities

The popularity of online distance learning is on a rapid rise, say some recent reports. Worldwide, students, who belong from different generations, prefer e-learning to the traditional form of academics.

It’s not a hidden truth that various forms of responsibilities are stopping number of people to continue higher studies. A large number of people, oftentimes, stumble midway in their studies to start a professional career. Is this the end of road for such people?

No, with the online mode of study you can continue your study further and at the same time, carry on with your professional life. Isn’t it gain-all option being offered to you? Indeed, it is.

E-learning or usually known as online distance learning is designed to solve the purposes of the students with modern approaches. This way of learning is gathering huge positive responses from around the world.

Interestingly, Harvard University conducted a research recently, which mentions that e-learning has proven itself as more effective medium of study in comparison to the face to face mode of learning.

The potential variables, such as time, chances of disruptions and disparity on skill management are absent from the e-learning method. You are provided with opportunities to overhaul your lacunae and eventually come out with the flying colours.

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UK universities are a leading force in the e-learning process

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A-Level Certificate Holders Deserve to Qualify for Flourishing Careers

Have you completed your A-level but not able to make out the right career path? Are you rather perplexed in choosing the ideal subject that can cater to your needs and wants in the long-run? To be practical, there are countless students who keep oscillating between what is right and wrong while making plans for the right career option. So, you are certainly not an exception in such circumstances.

No Worries for A-Level Certificate Holders

If you have already earned your A-level certificate, you can apply for a 2-year BTEC Level 5 HND Diploma course online under an accredited UK university. Do you know why it’s going to be advantageous? After completing the diploma course, you can look for a job and start working. In the meantime, you can enrol in a1-year top-up course online to finally complete your graduation. So, this lets you become a graduate with ease and you are also able to earn at least a year’s work experience. In other words, you will start earning early, whereas a student pursuing a 3-year degree course would continue struggling with his/her studies.

BTEC Level 5 HND Diploma course

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Which diploma program can help A-Level Certificate Holders prosper fast?

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